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Hi everyone, I just wanted to make a quick little plug here for a friend's show at the KC Fringe Festival tonight.

If you are a fan of movies, parody, and sexy ladies, then come out tonight for KC Cabaret Goes To The Movies a funny, sexy sendup of Hollywood movies. You enjoy singing, dancing, piano playing, and teasing. The ladies do tributes to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, William Shatner/Star Trek, Indiana Jones and many more. The show includes special Hollywood guests Rev Tommy Gunn and Brother Daniel from the Hollywood Freakshow Deluxe. Tommy Gunn is performing with KC Cabaret just one night only on Fri, July 30 and was in the audience last night.

The show is tonight (Fri, Jul 30) at the Arts Incubator (115 W. 18th St., KCMO) at 9:30pm. Tickets are only $8 plus your Fringe Fest badge ($5 with your choice of four designs including "Boom Boom the Burlesque Dancer). Please be there early as there is no late seating once the show starts.

This is a great show not to be missed. Let's come out and give our local ladies support and our Hollywood guests a big, warm KC welcome.

This announcement was a Magic-Colt Production for Kansas City Cabaret. We now return to our regular programming.


Here is a link to an article about a set of experiments to more accurately determined the size of the proton (or more accurately the charge radius of a proton). The result was a small but appreciably smaller value than had previously been thought. this may have consquences for other fundamental constants and quantum theories/calculations.


ConQuesT 41 photos posted

As of this morning I have some photos from ConQuesT 41 posted. I just randomly selected about 3 dozen photos out of over 400+ photos. You can view the photos on my Flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/insight_camper/

Enjoy!  I'll try to get some more posted over the weekend.

Great Finds!!

I took off work a little early today to do some searching/shopping (the shop is only open Tue - Sat 12-6pm). I was looking for various items that I could use for some props I'm working on.

I found some incredible stuff; a aether wave emitter coil, several optical amplifier crystals, vintage headphones, and an aircraft servo motor!! The emitter coil and amplifier crystals are exactly what I needed for one of my scientific devices that I am working on. The headphones and servo will be used in future projects but I haven't figured out exactly what yet.

I should have a early prototype version ready for ConQuesT this weekend. So stop by some time and I'll show you what exactly what you can do with an aether wave emitter :-)

Got the bug ...

The spring cleaning bug, that is.

I've been planning on doing various cleaning and organizing around here for a while. Although I have been busy with various projects and when I have been home I have either been too tired, busy, or distracted to do much other than some superficial cleaning as needed (ie dishes, laundry)

Well, this morning I seem to have caught the bug. Since I have been up and after Toto's walk, I have been busy doing serious cleaning; running the steamvac in the hallway, sweeping/cleaning bathroom floors, scrubbing toilets. I've been busy enough that I haven't even fixed breakfast or lunch yet ( Need to remedy soon, stomach's calling "hey, don't forget about me!!" :-)

It hasn't been all cleaning though. I've been burning some CDs, checking e-mail, and some Internet surfing.

Off to the store now to pick up some cleaning stuff.

Robins in the Snow

They are confused.

Today is the first day of spring. Robins are part of spring. Today is a spring snow storm. You add it up.

I took Toto out for a walk this morning and saw a couple a robins in the street hopping around in the slush. I also saw some on the other end of the parking lot, tennis court, sidewalk outside my building. I haven't seen them out in the accumulations of snow on the grass. I have seen a surprising number of robins out today. I think all the robins that would be normally spread out across the woods, trees, grassy areas, etc are now all congregating in the relatively clear areas of sidewalks, parking lots, and other paved areas (where the snow has melted or been cleared)

They seem to be so confused, the white stuff, the cold, the food being buried. I hope this snow melts soon. I think they came home too soon and now can't find the food.

I took some pictures this morning. I'll try to post them soon.


Winter's last gasp?

It's almost 3am and it is snowing on the last day of winter (Spring officially starts this afternoon). Not sure what time the snow started. During the 10pm news it was raining and sounding like it was turning to sleet. I fell asleep while watching TV (Tonight Show) and when I woke up at 2am it was snowing. I took Toto for a walk before going to bed and we had about 1/2 to 1" of fine, wet snow out there. The snow seems to have let up a little now.

Not sure how long it will last. I just turned on 41-2 and looks like we have a fairly recent update (Lezak mentioned that the snow had started, it's a recorded segment). I think the segment may have been recorded after the 10pm news. He saying 2-5" overnight and 4-10" by storm end. Earlier today from KSHB blog they were saying that the snow could turn off Sat afternoon or Sat night/Sun morning (about 24hrs) depending on the storm track and where the upper low comes through (further south snow stops early, further north major storm).

I have seen a couple snow plows out on the road in the last hour since I woke up so they are busy dealing with it. We may get a bunch of snow but it may not be too bad overall.

They are running snowfall projection and Lezak thinks 8" is likely for the metro area.


Belly Deep to a Shih Tzu!!

Actually more than belly deep. When I got home (snow day at work) I took Toto for a walk. I set him down in the snow next to the sidewalk and half of him disappeared :-)  Since he isn't much of one to play in the snow, picked him up and took him to where there was less snow. He left five impressions in the snow! He made some yellow snow and we came back in. 

As of of now ( just before 3pm) the snow is just a light "fluffy" (too light  to be a snow flurry). After I brought Toto back in and gave him a snack I went back out to  make some more definitive measurements. Undisturbed snow In the middle of my apt's parking lot, 5 1/4" ; on top of car (parked all day) 8 1/2" ; in grassy area across the street from building 9". This was as of 2:30 pm in eastern Shawnee.

It is a heck of a lot more than what I thought it was from looking out the window at work or on the cars when I went to lunch. Speaking of lunch, I went out today to pick something up for lunch. I left sometime between 12:30 and 1. When I got back and was heading across the parking lot toward the building, one of the guys was getting to his car and was telling me "go home, go home". My response? "Can I eat my lunch first?" I went in, set down my lunch, finished up a task I was working on before lunch, logged out and shut down my computer, grabbed my stuff and went out to my car. I then spent about an hour going around and brushing snow of many of the cars in the lot.

I hoping that the First Friday events I was planning on going to tonight are still on. If not, I get to watch Caprica at it's regular time for a change.


Holy Sh*t!! 7.0 earthquake in Haiti

I was browsing through radio channels after I got home and I heard that Haiti suffered from a 7.0 earthquake near Port-au-Prince. I have only heard a few details. Very little communications coming out, most photos CNN getting coming from Twitter and Facebook, talked to a few people via Skype. Major devastation. the quake originated only 6 miles underground so very strong and much shaking, This is the largest quake recorded in Haiti.

Expert on quakes now talking, a slip fault quake from a fault running the lenght of island. Stating getting very little news is getting out which is bad news as indicates how much damage to infrstructure. One of the notes on screen states witness says a building shook for 35 secs, Most news is coming out through Internet.

May post more news later.

On the way home I was going to post  a personal, light hearted post. Now I'm not going to post that until tomorrow. Doesn't seem right/ appropraite to post something light hearted with this going on.


Holiday Burlesque

I just got home a little bit ago from seeing the Burlesque Downtown Underground (BDU)'s holiday show at Union Station. It was an incredible show. Lots of new numbers, a new dancer, a new stage assistant/cue card gal, and lots of new fun.

Sweet Louis had a fantastic fan dance number, a return of the Sugar Plum trio (nice enough this year to get presents from Santa this year?? come to the show and find out ;-) Hot Coco was there new dancer and she was as hot and sassy as her name. Foxy Roxy showed off her heavenly pipes with a pair of singing numbers. Gigi was joined on stage by Foxy Von Trap who assisted with picking up all the assorted articles of clothing scattered about after a number and also helping with displaying the title cards between some of the numbers.

If you enjoy burlesque or want to have a sexy, fun start to the holiday season, come on down to the City Stage at Union Station Sat night for their final shows for 2009 at 8 and 10:30pm. You won't be sorry if you do.

There is also holiday burlesque Sat night at 10pm at Korruption in the West Bottoms. The KC Society of Burlesque is doing their "Fun with Festivus" show on Sat. I'll be heading down there Sat night to check out there show.

If you want lots of burlesque, you could go see BDU at 8pm then head down to Korruption to see KC SOB at 10pm :-)

If your not at the burlesque shows Sat, maybe I'll see you at the KaCSFFS Holiday party at the Writer's Place on Sat evening or the Film Cadets' outing to see Avatar on Sunday.

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